Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vanilla Chai Macaroons with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Like all of my 'good ideas', this one struck late last night. After a false start in which I mixed my almond meal with caster sugar, instead of icing sugar, I was up and running. After starting to pipe my mixture, I found that the push/pull method was the way to go. I also found that I had piped my macaroons way way too big. Next time (read later tonight), I will make them much smaller. The shape of my macarons needs some work, however, I was happy with the feet. Happy that they turned out the way they're supposed to, but still annoyed by them, they just look so untidy. Everyone else seems to think these little feet are wonderful, but I honestly think they look messy. Nevermind.

I used the recipe found at, however, I substituted the black sesame for vanilla chai. This blog has lots of mouthwatering desserts and sweets. You've been warned :)

My macarons were quite chewy. I think this is because my vanilla chai powder seems to be 50% sugar. I need to reduce the amount of sugar next time. Maybe I could add the vanilla chai instead of the caster sugar, to the egg whites and then increase the amount of almond meal in the dry ingredients. Alternatively I could change to a vanilla chai without sugar, this would also help to intensify the chai flavour, which was quite mild.

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  1. The first time I made macaroons all the recipes I read all said to fold the mixture. Now as I understand it, folding is gentle and trying to keep the air in the mix. It took me a while to realise I had to beat the dickens out of it. I think the feet add character to the smooth boring part of the macaroon.