Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bedtime Stories

After getting the girls into bed tonight I pulled out a book that we haven't had a chance to read yet. I was rather surprised by some of the things I found. This is the book, below:

Can you guess why I was shocked by the story below? Ummm, that lady with the knife looks scary. Not sure that I want my girls looking at that picture, I might have to blutack that page to the next one, hehe.

I hadn't heard of this rhyme before. I like to have my girls say prayers when they go to bed each night (or me 'help' them to do the sign of the cross and the girls listen to me say the prayers). I think this poem kind of sends mixed messages though. Hey, say your prayers or else you will get HURT!!! I'm a little concerned that whoever wrote this poem clearly didn't have anything in mind other than making some words rhyme. If you read the whole thing it doesn't really make any sense...

Another two pages to stick together for now. Perhaps in the years to come the girls and I will laugh about how bad these are.
Mary xxx

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