Friday, August 27, 2010

Sun Dress

So, I have finally found a little time to work on a project and here's the amazing part, I actually finished it, all on the one day!!!

My grandmother has recently had to go into a nursing home. It's been a really difficult time for us as a family, however, my grandmother has made the adjustment better than we could have ever imagined. We now have the difficult task of going through her house and rehoming and selling nearly a lifetime's worth of possessions. Of course, some things have gone to my grandma in the home, however, you can't cram everything from her house into one room! We're trying to keep as many of her things in the family as possible, particularly those with meaning. As such, I've inherited 3-3 dozen sewing patterns, spanning from about the 1950's to the mid 90's. I was so excited that the very next day after I got them, I got started one a lovely little dress for my eldest daughter, who is turning 2 next month.

This also gave me the incentive to finally sit down and read through the manual of my sewing machine, which I only wish I would have done earlier. This sewing machine can do so much more than I ever dreamed of. Do you know that my machine will actually sew the buttons on, that's right, it will sew the button holes AND then sew the buttons on. I have to admit though that I actually sewed these on because I had dinner guests coming and I had spent nearly all day sewing. I didn't want to risk running out of time to get the house into some order and cook dinner, whilst I figured out how to make the machine work it's magic. I will investigate this, soon.

More of these lovelies to come soon and go into my store. In the meantime, this one is reserved for my birthday girl, to wear on her birthday if it's warm enough :)

Mary xxx

7 Step Easy and Quick Dinner - Yummy Burritos

Step 1: Fry an onion, add about 500g of mince, add a can of drained and rinsed kidney beans, add burrito seasoning + 1/2 cup water and allow to reduce. Add a good handful of baby spinach leaves.

Step 2: Heat your tortilla. Most of them come with instructions for heating them in the microwave. Alternatively, wrap them in foil and heat them in the oven. Easy peasy.

Step 3: Add your mince mix to the warmed tortilla.

Step 4: Add grated cheese. If you buy this in a packet it will take you about 2 seconds, maybe less.

Step 5: Add a few slices of avocado. High in fat, but the GOOD fat. So it's essentially very healthy.

Step 6: Add a little salsa and sour cream. Lite sour cream if you're keeping it healthy.

Step 7: Try and roll it up to eat and realise that you've been a bit too generous with your ingredients, but only because it's healthy..........and try your best to squish it together anyway you can so you can actually eat this little parcel of goodness.

Step 7 probably only applies to me, so you can probably just roll this up and eat it in a dignified way and not drop a single morsel of the goodness inside. Enjoy.

Mary xxx

Friday Finds on

How lovely are these sweet little vintage story book cards. They could be used as a card for all sorts of occasions. Alternatively, they would look gorgeous in a nursery or child's bedroom, framed and hung on the wall. Available from seller Totally Innocent and found at

Isn't this Japanese inspired pendant lovely. It is so unique, which is one of my favourite things about buying handmade. I think handmade items are the real designer items. Check it out at from seller Mettle Design Studio.

I have a thing for scarves. I wear one almost every day. Some are traditional knitted scarves, some are pashmina scarves, some are silk scarves and some are fabric scarves. I don't have any crochet scarves like this beauty though. I just love how feminine and beautiful this one is. Available from seller A Little Must Have (I couldn't agree more) at

My littlest girl is about to start going to daycare and this sweet littlebackpack would be perfect for her. The alphabet fabric appeals to the mother and teacher in me. Available from seller FiddleeDee at

Doesn't this apron make you want to run to the kitchen and start churning out sweet little pastries. I love the sweet pink ruffle, which adds an extra touch of sweetness to this gorgeous apron. Available from seller Sew-Darn-Cute (absolutely love the name) at

Hope you enjoy,

Mary xxx

Spinach, Pumpkin, Fetta, Mushroom, Pine Nut Risotto

I make this risotto all the time. My little ones LOVE it and I usually try and put as many vegies in as possible. It's also pretty thrifty, being vegetarian. What's not to love.

Depending on what I have available, I will include a combination of: spinach (I ALWAYS keep frozen spinach in the freezer, so easy), mushroom, roasted pumpkin, fetta and pine nuts. Yummy, yummy.

I won't go into details about how to make this, except to say that I heat some butter, add onion and garlic, then add the rice and cook the risotto. I usually add the frozen spinach when the risotto is about half way done and everything else goes in when the risotto is pretty much ready.

If you try this out, you will certainly add this to your list of regular meals.
Mary xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Finds on Madeit

Ok, this week my finds make me desperate to get back to work so I can do some guilt free shopping. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Remember, Christmas is fast approaching, why not get ahead and start shopping now.

I just love these blue swallow letterpress gift tags. In fact, I am a sucker for anything letterpress, I think it has an air of elegance to it. Divine. These lovelies are available at from seller Ruby Victoria.

I can see this lovely fine art canvas hanging in my dining room, perhaps with the others in this collection. It's amazing how you can find beauty in the simple things if you only take time to look. This artwork, along with the others in this series are available from seller pomegranate at

It was love at first sight for me with these coasters. I love how feminine they are and I think that the contrast of colours adds an air of sophistication. Available at from seller Studio Empress.

Isn't this artwork simply adorable. I can't imagine this looking anything but perfect in any child's bedroom. Check this out over at from seller My Sweet Prints.

At first sight this card looks cute. However, closer inspection allows you to read what's written in small print at the bottom of the card "You're fabulous (For you, I'd walk 500 miles. Then I would walk 500 more)". I don't think there is any better word to describe this card than "fabulous". This is one that I would LOVE to receive. This card is available at from seller Myrtle and Eunice.

If you like any of these items, get in fast, before I beat you to it........

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mary xxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Belated) Friday Madeit Finds

My girls and I have been sick, sick, sick for a few weeks now. This horrible cold that won't go away has been awful and both girls have also had gastro, poor little pumpkins. We seem to be on the mend now, hopefully no more relapses.

So, I finally have a few minutes to update with my long overdue Friday Finds.

How gorgeous are these finger puppets. These would make a fantastic and educational gift. They would also be great for a teacher to use with lower primary school children during literacy lessons. I have done this with a prep/one class where the children used finger puppets to make up a story and then used the finger puppets over the overhead projector to tell the story to the class. This seller has many different and equally lovely designs. Check them out at

I've heard that goats milk soap is lovely to use and is great for your skin. With this gorgeous goats milk soap available I don't have any excuse not to try. Did you see the gorgeous bee on top, it's so pretty! Check it out over at madeit at

I felt very nostalgic when I discovered these sweet little paper dolls. I remember having something like this as a child and absolutely loved trying all the little outfits on my doll. My little girls are far too small for something this delicate (although I did briefly consider buying one for myself...). They would be great for a little one aged around five. Also, the seller says that she can custom make these and I did wonder about a little boy with varying superhero costumes. Check these out at

As soon as I saw it I just loved this little purse. This would be perfect for a little lip gloss, some change and a couple of hair pins. Available at

I love these sweet little flower stud earings. They are so pretty and feminine. These would bring a pop of colour to any outfit and would be perfect for spring/summer. Check them out over at
I realised yesterday that we're almost in September and I thought now might be a good time to start stocking up on Christmas presents. Buying ahead means that you have time to source the perfect gifts for your loved ones and you don't blow your budget in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Perhaps one of the lovely finds featured in this post would make the perfect present for one of your loved ones.
Mary xxx

Monday, August 2, 2010

Keeping House - Keeping Order

(Photo from

With two children under two, my house often resembles a war zone. Seriously, it can be really disgusting and frustrating at times. I've only recently developed a real "housekeeping" routine. When I was first married several years ago, I didn't really get a chance or make the time to develop a good routine. I started studying part time, as well as holding down a part time job. Then after some time, we became pregnant with our first daughter. Wonderful, but then I was even more time poor, a tired pregnant woman working full time and studying part time. It was only at the end of last year, just before our second daughter was born that I finished studying and became a stay at home mum.

My technique for keeping order in the house is relatively simple. I go through the house, room by room and start putting things away and counting as I do so. 1. elmo toy in toy basket, 2. glass from the coffee table in the sink, 3. tissue that dropped on the floor into the rubbish bin. I find this counting process provides a real sense of achievement, suddenly i'm at 50 and the house already looks so much better (maybe you're lucky enough that you could be done sooner, but some days I could get into the high hundreds, eeek!)

I use this same strategy with the dishes as well. We don't have a dishwasher and sometimes, before you know it, the sink is full and the dishes are overflowing onto the bench. I also often say to myself that I will just put away 10 things or wash 10 dishes etc. Setting realistic goals means that you can easily achieve them and don't feel as though you've not completed the job. Also, once you start with the counting, you really want to keep going.

Do you have any housekeeping tips that you would like to share? I would love to hear them.

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