Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Belated) Friday Madeit Finds

My girls and I have been sick, sick, sick for a few weeks now. This horrible cold that won't go away has been awful and both girls have also had gastro, poor little pumpkins. We seem to be on the mend now, hopefully no more relapses.

So, I finally have a few minutes to update with my long overdue Friday Finds.

How gorgeous are these finger puppets. These would make a fantastic and educational gift. They would also be great for a teacher to use with lower primary school children during literacy lessons. I have done this with a prep/one class where the children used finger puppets to make up a story and then used the finger puppets over the overhead projector to tell the story to the class. This seller has many different and equally lovely designs. Check them out at

I've heard that goats milk soap is lovely to use and is great for your skin. With this gorgeous goats milk soap available I don't have any excuse not to try. Did you see the gorgeous bee on top, it's so pretty! Check it out over at madeit at

I felt very nostalgic when I discovered these sweet little paper dolls. I remember having something like this as a child and absolutely loved trying all the little outfits on my doll. My little girls are far too small for something this delicate (although I did briefly consider buying one for myself...). They would be great for a little one aged around five. Also, the seller says that she can custom make these and I did wonder about a little boy with varying superhero costumes. Check these out at

As soon as I saw it I just loved this little purse. This would be perfect for a little lip gloss, some change and a couple of hair pins. Available at

I love these sweet little flower stud earings. They are so pretty and feminine. These would bring a pop of colour to any outfit and would be perfect for spring/summer. Check them out over at
I realised yesterday that we're almost in September and I thought now might be a good time to start stocking up on Christmas presents. Buying ahead means that you have time to source the perfect gifts for your loved ones and you don't blow your budget in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Perhaps one of the lovely finds featured in this post would make the perfect present for one of your loved ones.
Mary xxx

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  1. thanks so much, mary! so glad you like my paper dolls. i have made lots of boy ones (i am mother of boys.. they insisted upon it!) see for lots of examples. :) xx