Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Birthday Party

We've had some more celebrations over here at Chateau Sweetpea. Sweetpea "E" turned one. I spent a lot of time planning and unfortunately not quite as much time as I would have liked, executing my plans. I was actually still icing the cake as guests started arriving....

All done and dusted now, but a valuable lesson was learned. Plan well, but start executing those plans ASAP!

number one garland made by cutting out number one shapes and pegging them on to a piece of string, using mini pegs. I cut the shapes out whilst watching a movie which made this quite a quick and effective decoration.
Some of the spread. Cupcakes, marshmallows on sticks which had been dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, number one shaped cake (bottom layer chocolate mud cake and top layer caramel mud cake), cake balls dipped in white chocolate, tuna dip and spinach, ricotta and corn cob loaf dip (did not taste at all as I expected, need to find another recipe for this one).

Better picture of the cake. I had intended to cover it with frilly icing, using a piping tip. Although as I started trying to achieve this effect I realised, (i) it would take hours to actually pipe it on; (ii) I would need quite a bit of practice to perfect this effect; (iii) I needed a TON of icing to do this; and finally (iv) there was no way it was going to happen!

The other food that we had included: sausage rolls, mini quiches, tuna dip and salmon dip served on sliced of cucumber and a giant punch. I had attempted to make marshmallows, which I was going to cut into number one shapes for the adult guests to take home. They didn't work out at all and I used the mix to try to make ricebubble marshmallow slice but unfortunately that didn't work too well either.......nevermind.

Upon reflection we had tons of sweet food left over and pretty much all of the savouries had been devoured. In future I must remember that savouries remain the favourites, despite my love of baking and making sweet foods.

At the end of the day the birthday girl and big sis had a great day. Eating sweets, playing with their cousins and friends and being throughly spoilt with kisses and cuddles from everyone.

Now, on to Christmas......