Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Favourite Finds

I am a huge fan of buying handmade. There is something a bit special about an item that has been made with tender loving care, as opposed to coming off a huge production line. It's wonderful to have something unique, something that can never be perfectly replicated. I have a store on the made it website I would like to share with you five lovely items that can be purchased from the lovely sellers on this website...

I think that the above pieces of artwork would look amazing clustered on a wall, my wall even...
available at from seller ledamae.

I am totally infatuated with this and several other pieces from seller lovestamp. I have dropped several hints, including a detailed email to my darling husband, indicating my desire for a piece with my girls names on it. Still (patiently) waiting. This piece is available at

I love the look of this lamp. There is also a matching cushion available. Both items are available from seller Ritzy Home Decor. Link to the lamp is

Isn't the necklace above just too cute. Now for the crazy part, it's just $12. Don't walk, Run People. If someone else doesn't snap this up quickly I will have to. It would be a great gift to put away for someone special for Christmas. People, it pays to be organised. You heard it here first! Available from seller Flutterby Jewellery at

I think these invitations are so so sweet. If only I had seen these about six weeks ago! The invitations can be personalised with pictures of your own sweet little one. Available from seller Tambo Creations at

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  1. At first I thought the first picture was of coin pouches! Love the keyring too, so sweet :)