Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 3

Today is officially day 4, but it is my third workout, I skipped day 2. I got home late tonight but made sure I did the workout anyway, even if it was almost 10.30pm. The bonus was that my little ones were tucked up in bed and so today I missed out on the added challenge of small people sitting on my stomach and bouncing whilst I gasp for air and try to do sit ups.

Even though it's only day 3, I've already noticed some benefits in being able to do more of the program properly. I was able to do some push ups, albeit girls pushups and probably no where near deep enough. I was also able to do all of the star jumps. The only part that i'm still really having trouble with is the butt kicks. I do it as a step rather than the bouncy hop and literally kick my butt, haha.

Image sourced from: http://ourtimetochange.tumblr.com/post/3958538153/this-will-be-repeating-in-my-head-as-i-run-my

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  1. Good on you:) Exercise is so important to do, hard to get motivated to do it I find but when you do you feel great. Enjoy your exercising:)