Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hazelnut and Banana Muffins

I couldn't resist a big bag of bananas at our local supermarket yesterday, when they were marked at a mere 50c. Instantly I thought I would make some banana cakes and pop them in the freezer until needed.

I happened to come across this recipe for a hazelnut and banana cake which looked delicious and decided to give that a try as well. I decided to make cupcakes instead of cakes and mixed my banana into the cake batter, rather than layer it on top, as suggested in the original recipe.

It turned out to be absolutely delicious and something I will certainly make again. I think that it would also be nice if you added a little fruit to the mixture, something like apple, blueberry or plum would work well. (They really do taste much better than they look!)

For those who haven't heard, the lovely Steph at has organised a softie drive, with the toys to be distributed to children in QLD who've lost their possessions due to the floods. I encourage everyone who can to get on board with this project, not only will the children get a lovely toy, it will be filled with love from the maker, extra special!


  1. What a great idea to buy those bananas for a bargin and use them for something that sounds and looks yummy. They'll be enjoyed for morning teas I'm sure. I love the toy drive that Steph organised, she's a thoughtful lady. :)

  2. those look delish, ive been way too into making muffins lately!!

    thanks for taking the time to post some helpful comment son my blog today... I much appreciate it! Going to give those prunes a go tonight and hope for the best!

    Have a great weekend..